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For more power than is easily available Billiga Parajumpers jacka outlet from 2A3 and 300B direct-heated triodes, we offer the EL84-based Kaivalya mono amplifiers. This project began as a custom commission for an audio magazine editor. It is now a production item in our top White Range. The brief submitted for this project asked for 45-type refinement and speed, lower THD, higher linearity, more bandwidth and 25 watts of power.(...)


Our solution was a class A push/pull pentode power section with four EL84/6P14P-EV and solid-state rectification. This stage is driven from a single-ended 12AU7/ECC82 driver. Interstage coupling Billiga Parajumpers jacka rea by our own 11-section transformer with 38 windings eliminates coupling capacitors. Between driver and power stage, we apply a very minimal 0.3dB of local negative feedback for a significant reduction in harmonic distortion (...)

The EL84 could be too pedestrian for others. Fair enough. For what I wanted, it's absolutely perfect.
Srajan Ebaen
I wanted him to design the very best EL84-based circuit Billiga Parajumpers herr Kaivalya project certainly came off superbly and even better than anticipated.
Srajan Ebaen
I played some Classical pianomusic and Jazz and at the end it was really very amazing; the music was so real and so present in my room as I never heard before!
Hans Kortenbach
It doesn't even sound like an amplifer, it sounds like music. What else could a music lover really ask for?"
Audio Addiction Australia
Tony Schmidt

Euro 5.500 / pair sold factory-direct only

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